Spiritfire Global Ministries was birthed out of the Lord asking Pastor Val three questions:


• If I am a consuming fire, why are My people not consumed?  DB___Animated___Flame___822

• If I shed My love abroad in their hearts, why is My body known for fighting, arguing, discord, strife and disagreement more than love?

• The Church in the book of Acts turned the world upside down. What happened to them in the upper room that hasn’t happened to you?

Emboldened with an insatiable passion for the presence of God, Pastor Val has been tasked with challenging the Church to allow God to prepare them for the turbulent times that lay ahead.

Mission Statement
This ministry was established with a heavenly mandate to see individual disciples of Jesus Christ recover their identity and step into the restoration and wholeness God has provided, so that they can walk in all He has created and gifted them to be.

Our fervent prayer is that this generation’s experience of the manifest glory of God may surpass those of previous generations – in scope and magnitude!


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